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GMP and Non-GMP Testing

Neva Analytics follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and has the analytical capability to support client’s raw material and batch release testing across a range of pharmaceutical products including biologics, small molecules and devices.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Whilst you focus on your core business activities, you will need to select a partner with experience delivering regulatory compliant batch release testing to a consistently high standard. Our facility is FDA registered and approved for analytical services.

We provide batch and lot release testing for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), investigational medicinal products (IMPs) and finished products with Marketing Authorisation.

We tailor our release testing programs to your requirements and can provide services for the most basic of tests through to more specialized techniques.

Neva Analytics also supports a range of non-GMP analytical needs including method development and method qualification for pharmaceuticals and raw materials. We work with clients to understand their analytical needs and leverage our experience to develop a solution that meets quality, compliance and efficiency requirements.

Test Methods & Turn Around Times

Client-specific HPLC methods, USP compendial methods and basic wet chemistry analysis

2-14 days based on the assay